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Artificial tooth by Dentist supply company

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Productnummer: 370708 b
Een foedraal gevuld met prothese tanden vanuit de"Dentist Supply Company New York". De fabriek va de Dentist Supply Co.'s wasgevestigd op de hoek van Grantley St. en College Ave. in York, PA, ca. 1907-1915. Hadden 1.000 werknemers in diensten was de grootste fabrikant van prothese tanden en kunstgebit in de wereld. Afmetingen kast 24 x 19 x 6,5 cm.

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Productnumber: 370708 b

An Artificial tooth box from the Dentist supply company New York. the factory of the Dentists Supply Co.’s new factory was situated on the corner of Grantley St. and College Ave. in York, PA, c. 1907-1915. Had 1,000 employees and was the largest manufacturer of artificial teeth or dentures in the world. Measurements case 24 x 19 x 6,5 cm.

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