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151P.J. Kipp & zoon microscope 1862 (2)
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P.J kipp and son, delft microscoop circa 1860

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Productnummer: 00 311118 a S
A monoculair microscope van p.J kipp en zoon te delft (circa 1860) met condensor in originele mahony kist. The microscope is in goede conditie en het gelakt messing vertoont wat oxidatie. Hoogte 28 cm

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Productnumber: 00 311118 a S

A monocular microscope by p.J kipp and son, delft microscope (circa 1860) with the condensor in its original french polished mahogany case. The microscope is in rather good condition retaining all of its original golden lacquer. The microscope is supported on a heavy u shaped base with a turned column supporting the articulated arm of the original mirror and the stage. The stage is very simple with a wheel of stops below. At the back of the stage is a column that contains a sprung fine focussing mechanism operated via a knurled nut at the top. Course focussing is achieved by pushing / pulling the main body tube. 28 cm high

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