19th century carved ivory doctor’s lady


A 19th century carved ivory doctor’s lady on an ebonized wooden bed. Doctor’s ladies were used in Chinese medical practise for pointing out where a lady was in pain without showing her body. For a considerable period, it was considered inappropriate for a physician to observe an unclothed woman.

The naked lady is carved in a recumbent position while supporting her head with her right arm, her left arm is resting on her hip. The hands and feet are carved in detail, as her great toes are slightly pointing upwards. The hair is knitted in a ‘San Liu Tou’ type hairdress, which is characterized by the hair being divided into three locks to comb separately, and finally converge together into a bun, so can make a variety of changes. The lady measures 10 cm, while the ebonized bed measures 12.5 cm in length and 5 cm in width.

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