Dentistry set by nicolas saucerotte


Dentistry set belong to the dentist of the tsars, nicolas saucerotte(1800-1861). Early nineteenth-century wooden box covered in morocco decorated with a border and inscription in gilt, silver hinges and lock, velvet and red silk interior, containing a set of dental instruments with twisted ivory handles.
Exceptional dentistry set with a prestigious provenance. The lid of the box inscribed in gilt: ?N. Saucerotte, chirurgien dentiste de ll. Majestes et altesses imperiales.
With three trays containing 21 instruments, precisely and elegantly made, for dental care: scalers, drills, filling tools, etc. One of the ivory handles can be used with seven interchangeable heads. There are also samples of lead for use in fillings and two sticks of incense probably used as an anesthetic, as well as a small brush with a quill handle.
All instruments in excellent condition, though around ten are missing from the bottom two trays. Beautifully worked ivory, a rare and delightful dentistry set. Dimension 17x 15x7cm

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