Deprez et Carpentier volt meter, C 1880


A direct current voltmeter by Deprez et Carpentier, C 1880. Consisting of a moving magnet above 2 hemispheric coils (ea. 1″ dia.), attached to a van. 2 D-shaped magnets for zero adjustment are seen on back of instrument. Resistance is stated as 1940. The instrument is in a cylindrical brass case with a glass cover. The instrument has two posts, one on either side. The instrument display is inscribed in French. The scale goes from 0-100V in increments of 10. Signed: printed on instrument display: Deprez et Carpentier

Inscribed: on face, under scale: VOLTS_MÈTRE / Deprez et Carpentier / Bté – s.g.d.g. / F. Carpentier. Ingr. Constr. / Paris / N° 619 / Resistance 1940 ohms; Diameter 13 cm

There is a simulair at the Museum of historical scientific instruments at the Harvard University
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