Geissler tube in case by g. Lorenz.

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Geissler tubes. Wooden showcase with 6 different ‘geissler’ tubes. The geissler tube is a glass tube for demonstrating the principles of electrical glow discharge. Produced by g. Lorenz. Werkstatt für präzisions- mechanik, chemnitz.
Johann heinrich wilhelm geißler (1814-1879) was a german physicist and inventor of the geissler tube, a low pressure gas-discharge tube made of glass, with an electrode at each end. It contains one or more of the following rarefied (thinned) gasses (neon, argon, air); mercury or other conductive liquids; or ionizable minerals or metals, such as sodium. When a high voltage is applied to the terminals, an electrical current flows through the tube. The current will disassociate electrons from the gas molecules, creating ions, and when electrons recombine with the ions, different lighting effects are created. The light will be characteristic of the material contained within the tube and will be composed of one or more narrow spectral lines. 50 x 40 x 11 cm

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