Marion Optician a Paris cistern barometer

On application

A cistern barometer by Marion, Opticien Passage de l’Opéra n13 a Paris. The barometer has a foldable wooden cover with closable sliding spyhole. The barometer is divided into two metal plates, the top plate is ‘heauteures metriques’ or metric heights. The lower plate is a thermometer and is signed 1820-1830. From top to the bottom under the thermometer tube with mercury.

Hubert Melchior Marion (1809-1861) was born as a son of a wine merchant and was an optician in Paris. He filed a patent in 1835 for spring-loaded glasses. Two years later he submitted another patent on ‘the means to prevent the scale from bending’ with his colleague Jean-Baptiste Fournier. Like other opticians Marion was also a photographer in the Galerie de l’Horloge – Passage de l’Opéra. He moved to the next store apparently from no. 13 to no. 14 when he died on may 25 1861.

Length 101,5 cm.

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