Medicine chest, 19th century


A Domestic medicine chest.  It is an unusual 19th century mahogany double door domestic medicine chest, of cupboard style with velvet lining throughout. The other doors with galleries on the interior each housing four bottles with ground stoppers. The central section with two red velvet lined, bone-knobbed doors galleried to house three bottles with ground stoppers, fenestrationns above revealing 2 tin boxes. The upper recessed central section with a gallery to house a further four large bottles with ground stoppers. The drawers beneath with brass recessed military handle containing a traywith handheld apothcary balance and weights and other items. The lower section partitioned to house further bottles, a measuring glass and mortar and pestle. There are two stickers on the bottom of the drawers by Dr. Anne.M. Young.  The case with recessed brass military handle and two decorative brass escutheons ( one filled) and key, Measurements 25 x 20 x 30 cm high.

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