Enlarged anatomical model of facet eye


An larged anatomical model of a compound eye or facet eye is a type of eye that occurs in insects and other arthropods. A facet eye consists of tens to tens of thousands (e.g. dragonflies), almost identical light detectors (ommatidia, also facets or partial eyes) that lie next to each other, and together form about a part of a sphere. There are at least two types of compound eyes. In one type of facet eye, each partial eye has its own light-sensitive cells, and accounts for one “pixel” (image unit). In the other type, light through the lens of a partial eye also falls on the photosensitive cells of an adjacent partial eye. In this way, the insect forms an image of that part of the environment to which the light openings of the individual eye facets point. Dimensions 33 cm high and diameter of 23 cm. C 1950

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