Horizontal microscope probably Chevallier 19th


A nice horizontal microscope, most likely by Chevalier, C1840. Magnification was achieved by a combination of multiple objective lens elements, and by changing the length of the microscope body. The instrument has both coarse and fine focus, a single surface reflector mirror. An square stage, and large plano mirror on square pillar with fine adjustment, condenser lens with bayonet fitting, all housed in a dovetail mahogany case with accessories, two green-lined fitted velvet trays, containing objective lenses, eyepieces, mechanical stages, glass stage, bull’s-eye, additional accessories are housed throughout the drawer case. Forceps is missing. The microscope is mounted on a mahogany case. The microscope isn’t signed but probably made by Chevalier. Measurements case 32 x 23 x 13 cm.

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