J. Lebegue & Cie Terrestrial Globe. C 1885

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An early terrestrial globe of J. Lebeque & Cie on an Iron base. The Diameter of the globe is 7 inch approximately 18 cm and is signed by: J.Lebegue & Cie Paris. Circa 1855. The company was founded in 1814 by Alphonse Lebeque in Brussels, as a maker of globes. Since circa 1850 as J. Lebeque & Cie based in Paris. Australia is even name as Nouveau Hollande. New Holland continued to be used semi-officially and in popular usage as the name for the whole continent until at least the mid-1850s. Cartouche; Globe Terrestre  de 60 centrimetres de circonference / J. Lebegue & Cie / Editeurs / Paris. 36 cm high

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