Faustino Paluzie, globe terrestre en Piezas.

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GLOBO TERRESTRIAL EN PIEZAS PARA STATEMENT Y RECREO DE LOS NIÑOS Don Faustino Paluzie, Barcelona, c. 1880, globe in wood and paper polychrome painted, wooden turned black, box wooden base covered in printed paper. Very rare removable globe, 22 parts including 2 polar caps with foot and mount wooden horizontal division in the form of 6 washers themselves divided vertically into 4 or 6 sections triangular. Each face is covered with printed paper, every continent is briefly presented and represented in color in an allegorical form. The operating instructions for the mounting in Spanish is indicated inside the lid of the box. Title printed on the top of the box, circular cartridge on the globe. Faustino Paluzie (1833-1901) is the son of a publisher who specializes in educational books and instructive literature aimed at children which began its activity in 1806. The publishing house moved in 1865 to Barcelona and soon extends its activity by means of lithography by disseminating maps, atlases, globes, educational games and textbooks. The House continued its activity on three generations and was permanently closed in 1940 during the Spanish civil war. Beautiful, rare item in good condition with small flaws, preserved in its original box. Dimensions: 22 x 16 cm

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