Delamarche terrestrial globe, C1870

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A French terrestrial globe by Delamarche globe, 1870 with a diameter of 25 cm ( 7 inch) and 59 cm high. The Cartouch gives the follow description: Globe / Adopté / Par le conseil de l’université / Maison Delamarche / Paris / Rue du Serpente N 25 / Paris. The globe is in good condition.

Info Delamarche : Founded by Charles François Delamarche who entered the globe industry as successor to the Robert de Vaugondy family of map and globe makers to King Louis XVI. Delamarche obtained the shops of many of his local competitors, which enabled him to produce globe models in many different sizes. He also republished many Robert de Vaugondy maps and globes. Charles worked with Charles Dien, a cartographer. In 1817 Felix Delamarche, son of Charles, took over the business which stayed in the family until 1847, when taken over by Grosselin.
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