L’attractif de d’Estanque by Charriere, C 1865


An l’attractif d’Estanques,  a kind of a dental pelican of mechanical complexity, C. 1865, stamped “Charriere a Paris”. Finely shaped of steel, 20 cm long, and features a spring-loaded grip activating a mechanical retraction of the upper serrated jaw. It is a nearly parallel motion, guided by linear slots, and brings the jaws together smoothly and securely. An adjustable spring arm controls tension between the jaws – a desirable feature because the tool provides enormous leverage. Condition is fine noting light staining to the steel.

D’Estanque’s instrument is of remarkable complexity, and remarkable rarity. It was offered in the Mathieu catalogue, and one is illustrated in Elisabeth Bennion’s Antique Dental Instruments (plate 65). She writes: “An extremely complicated type of pelican with two handles was that designed by Eugene d’Estanque and patented by him in 1861. He illustrated it in L’Union Medicale in 1864 and it was made by Charriere and Mathieu with considerable mechanical skill.

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