Newton & Son Terrestrial Library Globe,1869

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A 20 inch (50,8 cm) NEWTON & SON Terrestrial library Globe, Londen, 1869.

De Cartouch gives: ” NEWTON’S New and Improved TERRESTRIAL GLOBE Accurately delineated from the observations of the most esteemed NAVIGATORS AND TRAVELLERS to the Present Time Manufactured by NEWTON & SON 66 Chancery. Published 1st January 1869″.

The sphere is covered with a plaster coating and 12 full gores from north to south equatorial pole. The gores are copper-engraved, hand-coloured and varnished. The equatorial  graduated in degrees and days , the elliptic graduated in days and showing the symbols of the houses of the zodiac, the land masses coloured in outline, and showing routes and discoveries (eg Greenland explored by Captain Scoresby), the oceans showing the voyages of Captain Cook, Captain Gore and Captain Clarke, discoverers and dates (eg Is discovered by Captn Hammett 1818). With brass meridian ring divided into 4 quadrants and brass hour ring graduated I-XII, both clockwise and anti-clockwise [twice 0-12 hours; marked every hour by a roman numeral (I-XII), division in 10 minutes]. Mounted on a horizon ring with hand-coloured engraved label, divided into two sets of 4 quadrants showing Amplitude and Azimuth, also showing the stars, zodiac houses and symbols, and stars along the elliptic line, the days and months and Minutes Clock before the Sun. Raised on three mahogany turned pillar Stool. Total 76 cm high and in good condition.

This type globe is Advertisement by Newton & Son (1841-1883), showing the different globes, planetaria and armillary sheres sold by the firm. It is number 2, Mahogany banded in different inches. See last picture

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