Smith, Beck & Beck Microscope, C 1862


An Universal Microscope by Smith, Back & Beck, London number 3100 in originale mahogany box. The circular base of this microscope has been partially cut away, probably only for aesthetic reasons. A large cylindrical pillar supports both the body tube and the stage, which carries the side holder, condenser, single mirror, and a bi-convex lens for reflected light illumination. Focus is achieved with a chain rack that serves to elevate and lower the body tube with respect to the stage.

The firm was established by James Smith, one of the three premier English microscope manufacturers of the Victorian era (the two others were A. Ross and H. Powell), around 1839. In 1847 Richard Beck became a partner in the firm and was shortly followed by his brother Joseph Beck in 1857. After the retirement of Smith in 1865, the firm was known as R&J Beck.

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