Abel-Klinger celestial sphere


An Abel-Klinger celestial sphere, dated 1855-1895. The globe in this unique celestial sphere is marked by “De AARDE,  AK” (see pictures). The logo of AK, including the letter type of “De AARDE” on the globe Cartouche is typically coming from  C. Abel-Klinger, Nurnberg.  The 4 inch (10,2 cm) globe, consist of 12 gores, is the centre of thecelestial  sphere. The spherical wire cage defines the celestial sphere, its pole aligning with the Earth’s north pole and its equator defined as the projection of the Earth’s equator onto the sphere. The Ecliptic is a ring that marks the Sun’s path through the heavens; it is inclined at an angle of 23.5° to the equator. There is also a star projection in the sphere.  The spherical cage rotates, while the Earth at the center remains stationary. Diameter 55 cm.

From 1852, Klinger Kunsthandlung became C. Abel-Klinger Kunsthandlung.  The firm issued a wide variety of table and floor globes in different languages for export. The Abel-Klinger firm was also known for its small globes for educational purposes and classroom use, sometimes set in hinged boxes. But there is no reference that they make an celestial sphere. There is no documentation about this unique celestial sphere by Abel-Klinger.

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