Prof. Dr. A. Krause tellurium, C 1930


Tellurium ( or lunarium) by Prof. Dr. A. Krause, published by Paul Rath Leipzig,  Circa 1930. The 12 gores  globe diameter is 12 cm with a scale of 1-106.000.000. The cartouche reads: “Prof. Dr. A. Krause, Neuer Schullerglobus, Durchmesser 12cm, Maßstab 1:106,000,000, VerlagPaul Rath, Lehrmittel werkstatten, Leipzig”. Petersburg is Leninggrad on the globe so the globe is made after 1920. Surface wear is commiserate with age. Measurements   70 x 25 x 40 cm high

An astronomical demonstration device with iron arm, geared so that earth and moon revolve around the sun to demonstrate various principles of astronomy such as seasons and eclipses. Having a 12 cm terrestrial globe revolving at one end of a Iron arm around the sun, represented by a candle stick above a disc with engraved paper calendar and zodiac. A wooden representation of the moon revolves around the globe.

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