Tellurium or Lunarium By Parquet and Thomas.

On application

A complete and original Tellurium for the Italian market with a G. Parquet – G. Thomas edit. Paris terrestrial globe. The 3-inch diameter terrestrial globe signed: Globo Terrestre da G. Parquet – G. Thomas edit. Paris, made up of two sets of twelve coloured printed gores and two polar colottes. Mounted with a rotating arm and white painted wooden moonball atop the engraved brass meridian half circle with on top aluminium disc with the moon time. The gears arranged to rotate the earth and the moon on two long brass arms, as well as the blued iron hand which indicate a small printed aluminium hour dial. The other end of the arm rotating on an axis with original candle holder and reflector, above an oval plaque showing the days of the month, degrees and the seasons of the year with equinoxes and solstices marked, the houses of the Zodiac and compass directions. All in the Italian language.  Mounted on a walnut wooden cabinet standing with a compass and the brass turning handle The tellurium is in good working condition. A simular instrument by Delamarche is in the collection of the National Maritime Museum.

Measurements base 25 x 25 cm and 38 cm high.

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