Trippensee Planetarium Company Tellurium, Pat. 1908

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A Trippensee tellurium, with a terrestrial globe rotating at the end of a maple arm, and with a black-and-white painted wood representation of the moon revolving the earth, both revolving around a central brass sphere representing the sun, and with a black-and-white painted wood representation of Venus also revolving the sun. The entire assembly is mounted on a turned maple central standard, set on a round, stepped and weighted brass base, with an inset circular zodiac dial.  This models have the maker’s label and a small, round compass inset on the arm. The label of rectangular metal label with silver typeface on black ground: The Trippensee Planetarium / Pat. U.s. mar 10. ’08 – Canada july 21. ’08 / The Trippensee MFG. CO. / Detroit, Mich, USA. When turned by hand by a metal post under the arm, the earth rotates, and the earth, moon and Venus revolve. The three-inch terrestrial globe was manufactured by Rand McNally and copyrighted 1891 by Tripppensee Planetarium company;

The Trippensee Planetarium is a demonstration model of the movement of the earth, moon and Venus relative to each other and to the sun. It shows such phenomena as the succession of seasons, and solar and lunar eclipses. The original models is patented in 1908 and 46 cm high

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