Delamarche Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere


A Delamarche Ptolemaic Armillary Sphere. The Delamarche family and successors were the most renowned and prolific producer of armillary spheres in France from the late 18th century to the late 19th century. The terrestrial globe isn’t signed.  In Globes of the Western World, Dekker and van der Krogt explain that Charles-François Delamarche was the first person in France to create globes for the general public, constructing his armillary spheres in such a manner as to keep them afford able.

Demonstrational armillary spheres were commonly produced in France in the 18th and 19th centuries to show various basic principles of astronomy. An armillary sphere with the earth at the center is known as Ptolemaic, and an armillary sphere with the sun at the centre is known as Copernican. Ptolemy (2nd Century A.D), an Alexandrian astronomer believed that the earth was at the center of the universe. Ptolemaic armillary spheres were produced in Islamist countries, reaching advanced levels as early as the 10th century. Measurements: 58 cm high with a 33 cm diameter.

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