Windels globe with ethnographic illustrations

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Second edtion L. Windels globe with ethnographic illustrations of different inhabitants of the world. The Windels globe is dated end 19th century/ beginning 20th century. The globe represents ethnographic illustrations of the different continents. Europe, Central America, Africa and Oceania. Different Colonies are marked by colours which correspond with their occupier.

The Windels globe is made of fourteen coloured cartouches on a plaster sphere. The globe has signs of wearing’s and one damage in the southern Atlantic ocean part. It arises from an ebonized turned wood stand. From the stand a metal stem adjusted on which the globe can be mounted. In order to be able to rotated the globe has a protection cab at the bottom  and on top a cap adjustable by screw.


Globe Terrestre
2e Édition
a l’Echelle de 1/80.000.000
1 millin par 80 Kilomètres
dressé d’àpres les dernières données des

Géographes les phus réputés
avec illustrations ethnographiques
Signes Conventionells
Ville capitale
Ville importante
Linvited d’Etat
Direct de cour
Ligne denavig
Chin de fer


A Anglais
B Belges
D Danoises
E Espagnoles
EU Etats Unis
F Francaises
H Holland
I Italiennes
P Portugses
R Russes

L. Windels

Height: 33 cm. diameter globe: approximately 16 cm.

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