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Rare tectonic globe made in the Eastern Germany by Kurt Ziesing, redacted by W. Thiele, and edited by VEB Herman Haack from Geographisch-Kartographisch Anstalt Gotha/Leipzig. The globe was made by Ziesing as a part of his thesis of the Institute of Cartography on the Technical University of Dresden that they decide to publish this thematic globe. After revisions by experts from the university of Dresden it was published in 1972.

On the globe tectonic bodies are differentiated by colour, based on their age. Other tectonic symbols are used to depict reptures, salt domes, mid-ocean ridges and rifts, ocean trenches, syneclises, basins, areas of earthquake activity including active and extinct volcanoes. For orientation purposes mountans and ranges, rivers, lakes and also main cities are shown. The globe arises from a wooden stand and with steel protractor. The caps of the support do not seem to be original.


Tectonic Globe of the Earth
by Kurt Ziesing
Scale 1: 38600000
Redacted by W. Thiele
Edited by VEB Hermann Haack
Geographisch – Kartographische Anstalt Gotha/Leipzig
VLN 1001 K2/64 E102/72

Condition: the overal condition is good. All information  on the globe is clearly readable. There are some damages of using, but nothing severe.

Heigth: 46 cm

Diameter 33 cm.

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