Terrestrial globe by Olivier-Pinot


This globe is a made model of the ‘Image of Epinal’ series printed between 1880 and 1908, it was called the Le Globe artificiel ou mappemonde. The terrestrial globe is made of fourteen coloured cartouches. It arises from a ebonized turned wooden stand. The globe depicts regions, countries and rivers.

Image of Epinal were cardboard models of 39 x 49 cm, on which a pattern was printed. The pattern had to be cut and assembled to construct various objects or scenes from everyday live. Exaples were ‘Average Constructions’ and ‘Small buildings’. The buildings where edited architectural objects, costumes, boats and other vehicles. The first printer of Images of Epinal, Jean-Charles Pellerin, worked from his residence in Epinal in the Vosges.

The globe is in good condition, it has some wearing due to the age.

Diameter 15 cm.
Height 26 cm.

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