Dr. Halley’s correct globe with the new Constellations

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Dr. Halley’s correct globe with the new Constellations. A pocket globe of seven centimetres in diameter in protective case covered with sharkskin an red painted rimmed edges. This pocket globe was made around 1774 after the first voyage of James Cook in the Endeavour. The terrestrial globe is made of twelve engraved coloured paper gores and two gores for the poles. The celestial globe on the inner side of the case depicts a northern and a southern celestial chart.

The globe is coloured with tones of pink, yellow, red and green. The continents are divided in bolder shades and oceans are coloured green. The cartography of The United states is simple bearing only a few place names: New York, The Bermudas, Maryland, Virginia and California shown as an peninsula. In the south New Mexico, in the North Canada and the west of Canada ‘Parts Unknown’. In the sea the globe shows the track of Lieutenant James Cook’s First Voyage from 1768 to 1771 in the Endeavour. The depiction of New Zealand reflect the discoveries Cook made.

The globe is signed as ‘A Correct Globe with the new Discoveries’ and the celestial globe at the inner side of the case is signed ‘A correct Globe with y [the] New Constellations of Dr. Halley & Ce’. A similar globe is held by the University of Cambridge.

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