Parkers and Hadley patented Orrery van George Philips


A Parkers and Hadley’s patented Orrery made by George Philips & Son, London – Liverpool. By moving round the handle, motion will be imparted to the earth and moon in varying speed. The earth will rotate upon its axes, and the moon will revolve in its path round the earth and in the same time they make their anual journey round the sun.The large sphere represents the earth, the small sphere the moon and the lamp the sun. The large central disc wheel has upon its upper surface representive letters and divisions showing the months, seasons and cardinal points. thus was written in a catalog of 1900. The Parkers and hadley’s patented orrery (also called a tellurian) is made of cast-iron with paper and brass sphere and a spirit-lamp. The diam.25cm.

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