Dutch J.A.M. Bekking Aneroïde Barometer. C 1870

On application

A Dutch Holosteric (Anoroid) Barometer by Retailer J.A.M. Blekking ( 1826-1906) Rotterdam. The silver dial in a brass case gives the following scale from 63 to 80 with the text from “STORM – V. Regen – R. wind – VERANDERLIJK – Mooi W. Bestendig – ZEER DROOG”. On the back you find the signature of manufacture: PHNB which means Paul,Hulot, Naudet et Cie Barometers. The were very fine instrument makers. Diameter 17 cm and 5 cm depth.

Bekking made and sold scientific instruments. He worked from Rotterdam (Boerenvischmarkt 9). He gave several speeches for the “Vereeninging tot Bevordering van Fabrieks- en Handwerknijverheid” on electrical developments. Made physical and electrical instruments.

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