Regnier Dynamometer by Amadori in Bologna

On application

This mid 19th century dynamometer was made by ‘Amadori of Bologna’ used to measure the human muscle force and was invented by the French Civil Engineer Edme Regnier (1751-1823). The device was popularised by Professor Edmond Desbonnet, who used to test the strongmen and professional wrestlers of their day to compare compare their results. The first documented usage of Régnier’s Dynamometer is found in a study undertaken by François Péron, from which he concluded that Tasmanians, Australians and Timorese were of much weaker physical strength than the English or French.

The device facilitated the measurement of two distinct forces: Pressure force, accomplished by gripping and squeezing the double steel bow, and Traction force, achieved by pulling a single bow. When force was applied, two dial hands would ascend simultaneously. However, one hand would remain fixed at the maximum force attained, while the other would mirror the grip or pull movements, indicating the current force strength either upward or downward.

The brass dial plate featured two engraved scales which are currently unknown: A) Forza Mani ‘Scale of Pressure’. This scale goes from 0 to 360. B) Forza Delle Reni ‘Scale of Traction’. This scale goes from 0 to 2700.

Dimensions: 24 x 32 cm.

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