Dynamometer by Amadori in Bologna

On application

This instrument invented by Edme Regnier  (1751-1823) to measure muscle force, was used for assessing human muscle force and determining clinical progression of neuromuscular weakness. With this Dynamometer we can measure two types of forces : ” Pressure force” by gripping and squeezing the double steel bow, and  “Traction force”  by pulling a single bow. Applying the force  two dial hands  move up together, but one stop at the maximum force achieved, while the other follows the grip or pull up or down to show the current force strength. Two scales are engraved on the brass dial plate, in italian language “Scala di trazione”  and  “Scala di Pressione” .

In this italian version made in the mid 19th century  instruments maker “Amadori in Bologna”  we can find two others written engravings ” Forza delle Reni”  (Strength of the Kidneys) with an arrow indicator. And : “Forza Ord.a Delle Mani”  (Ordinary Force of the Hands).

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