Esmarch chloroform-ether verdoving druppel fles.


Rare complete Esmarch chloroform-ether anesthetic drop bottle set in excellent condition. An amber colored glass bottle, rounded with narrow neck. A cork with a metal top contains a short and longer metal pipes protrude from both top and bottom. The bottle is a flat and rounded side-profile and has a graduation and chloroform engraved. The pin and the CAP to a chain ensure the closure of the bottle. There is a Ribbon-wire mesh covers the face mask frame with soldered wire Cross-pieces in support of the tissue. The tweezers is up for grabs by the tongue. All this is in the original Leather Sheath. This kind of dripping bottle was used during the American civil war, but this set is from the 1890 ‘s. dimensions 17 x 11 x 7 cm.

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