Furnace Microscope by Schiavetti-Bellieni, C 1860


A miniature Schiavetti – Bellieni drum microscope is known as a mineral or furmace type. Label in the box: Schiavetti – Bellini / Opticien Fabricant A Brest / successeur de Colombi. First popularized by Bertrand of Paris about 1839. The base is a dovetail of 1 inch in diameter, and slides into the top of its box-container. A squarecut in the lower section contains the original single mirror on a milled-head pivot; the top of the lower section in the stage. At the top of the stand is screw-in cylinder into which the body tube slides. The objective and ocular screw in. Dimension mahogany box; 9 x 5 x 3,5 cm.

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