Gregorian reflecting telescope by Navarre, ca 1750

On application

Gregorian reflecting telescope on tripod stand signed ‘Nevarre Paris’. The objective tube (I 35, Ø 5,5 cm) has a black leather binding, focusing to the secondary mirror by  and pinion and a long shank. The telescope is supported on a tripod stand by a bracket above a universal ball joint, which is set by three screws. The eyepiece (I 7, Ø 2cm) has a compound ocular around it’s signed ‘Nevarre Paris’ and a screwable sun filter.

Navarre François: He bears the title of Ordianary Engineer in instruments of physics and mathematics privileged by Monsignor the Duke of Bourgogne and Specialized in the manufacture of Gregorian telescopes, he presented several of them to the Academy of Sciences.

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