G. Adams reflecting telescope, C 1785

On application

A lacquered brass Gregorian reflecting telescope by G. Adams, London and dates from the last quarter of the 18th century. It has a metal primary mirror 2⅜ inches (6,8 cm) diameter, and a smaller secondary that is adjusted by the rod that runs along the tube. Focusing to the secondary mirror will be by long shank and screw, two-lens eyepiece of the Huygens type, the tube mounted by bracket and two butterfly wing nuts above joint with altitude and azimuth movement, tapering brass column and folding tripod base, dark glass eye piece and brass endcap. The “G. Adams London” signature could refer to George Adams or to his son of the same name, both of whom worked at this address Fleetstreet, London. In good working condition. Tube length 46 cm and 37 cm high.

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