L. van der Bildt telescope, Franeker No 33, C 1770


An L. van der Bildt telescope, franeker No 33  with a later on box. Lubbertus van der Bildt was a son of I. van der Bildt Sr. The telescope comes from a private collection and the retailer was J.A.M.. Verton from Zierikzee who also made the case  (J.A. Verton died in 1828 and perhaps his father J.A.M. Verton). The dating of the telescope is arround 1760 because L. Van Der Bildt made telescopes in the period 1760-1780.  The condition of the instrument is good, mirrors are in top condition, original standard and “lacquered brass” is in good condition. Box measurements 46 x 19 x 10 cm.

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