Reflecting telescope signed ‘Gorg Adams’

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Second part- eighteenth century Gregorian type reflecting telescope with detachable eyepiece and secondary mirror, signed ‘Gorg Adams’.

A Gregorian reflecting telescope is a type of telescope that uses mirrors to gather and focus light, allowing astronomers to observe distant objects in the sky. It is named after its inventor, James Gregory, and it consists of two main mirrors: a primary concave mirror and a secondary convex mirror. It has a detachable compound eyepiece and comes with a spare one, there is also a spare secondary mirror. Focusing by a rod attached to the barrel. The telescope is attached on a single stem stand with three folding legs.

Small brass Gregorian telescopes were popularised by the famous maker James Short from about 1740 to his death in 1768. Short sold his telescopes to those who could afford his high prices. This telescope though by a different maker is of a similar design to a typical one by Short including the simple azimuth mounting. This mounting adapts well to terrestrial use, but not so well to any attempt to use the telescope for serious astronomical research.

The length of the barrel is 65,5 cm (25,8 in) and the diameter is 11 cm (4,3 in) which makes this an unusually big model. Measurements of the wooden box are 25,5 x 71,5 x 17,5 cm.

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