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203Spencer, browning & Rust Octant
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Spencer, Browning & Rust octant, c 1800

Prijs: Verkocht
Productnummer: 00 320131 b S
Een spencer, browning & rust octant, circa 1800. Er is ook een teken van sbr in de graden schaal (-5 tot + 100 graden). De 3 schaduw glazen kan men verplaatsen t.O.V. De orginele kwik spiegels. Oorspronkelijke trap vormige kist is gesigneerd door detailhandelaar door charles c hutchinson boston.

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Price: Sold
Productnumber: 00 320131 b S

An spencer, browning & rust octant. Ca 1800. There is also an sign of sbr in the degree scale (-5 to +100 degrees). The 3 shade glass assembly is movable for placements at either the index mercury mirror position or below at the secondary position where the 3 mirror allows for taking a back sights. In original stair stept case is a retailer sign by charles c hutchinson boston.

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