Brendel field Ahorn


A Brendel botanical model of the field Ahorn, or Acer campestre. The Brendel model of the field Ahorn is part of the ‘Laubbäume und Nadelhölzer’ or deciduous trees and conifers series. It depicts the Male and the female blossom fifteen times enlarged. The flowers are made of paper mâché which are adjusted to green painted wooden stems. On one model de leaves are cut in half, allowing the viewer to watch the stamps carefully. The stems can are held by turned wooden ebonized holders which can be adjusted on an ebonized stand. The ‘Fruchtknoten’ or ovary is removable and to share apart. On the blue label the names of the no 48 field Ahorn are depicted in different languages.

In 1866 Robert Brendel (ca. 1821-1898) from Breslau took over the production the flower models. He was succeeded by his son Reinhold Brendel (ca. 1861-1927). In 1866, there were thirty models to choose from, and by 1913, there were nearly 300. The models were developed in consultation with professors including Julius Cohn, Eduard Eidam, Alexander Tschirch, Leopold Kny, Carl Müller, Emerich Ratháy, Lajos Jurányi, and G. Höstermann. They are made of various materials, such as papier-mâché, wood, metal wire, and glass beads.

Height: 48 cm.

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