Chamomile Brendel flower model

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Chamomile Brendel botanical flower model of the 1920’s. The model depicts three enlarged parts of the chamomile: The flower head, a single disk flower, and a ray flower of the chamomile Artemis. The botanical model is made of paper Mache and arises from a black ebonized stand. Two parts arise from turned wooden stands and one from a metal stand.

On the stand a signed label:


VFL Phywe

Cotula. XIX. 2. Flos Fetid Chamomile flower Hundskamille, Blüte Camomilla, flore. Anthemémide, Cotule, fleur
Vergr. 8. Und 24 fach
Original ‘Brendel Modell’’ Nr. 77010/118

Height: 43 cm.

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