children’s heads with various congenital anomalies, 1920

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A collection of 6 children’s heads with various congenital anomalies. The models are plaster casts of deceased human child heads. These were made as study models for teaching at the medical university in Germany. The models were manufactured in the 1920s. The handwritten labels on the wooden base describe the: “abnormality, child’s age and date of death”. In good condition.


16. Child Ingelhardt.
Cephalic presentation, 2nd year
Premature rupture of membranes
Obstructed labor

1. Posterior parietal bone position
18 Rac. Flat pelvis 11
High forceps delivery. Schäfer II para. Delivery. No. 1923/130

9. Configured head
I. Cephalic presentation. Date of birth
Child Staudhaudt 19.2.16

13e I. Cephalic presentation general
Flat pelvis III
Muscling Lei
Tentorium tear
I-para Child To-81

8. II. Anterior vertex position (posterior
posterior vertex position) Child Schütz 29.X.18.
II. Pura H. 13.12 421/1918

12. Cephalic presentation single
Pelvis, premature rupture of membranes.
Tentorium tear.
II-para, Child Schwarz 25.IX.20.
H.B. No 474/1920


Original German:

16. Kind Ingelhardt.
Schädellage, 2e jährige
Vorzeitiger Blasensprung
Gnotrahierte Geburts


1. Hinterscheitelbeineinstellung
18 Rac. Plattes Becken 11
Forceps alta. Schäfer II par. Geb. B. No.1923/130


9. Konfigurierter Kopf
10. Scheidellage. Geburtsdatum
Kind Staudhaudt 19.2.16


13e I. Schädellage allgen
tes becken III
muschlinging Lei
I-para Kind To-81


8. II. Vorderhauptslage (hinters
Hinterhauptslage) Kind Schütz 29.X.18.
II. Pura H.13.12 421/1918


12. Schädellage eingarn
Besken, vorzeitiger Blasensprung.
II-para, Kind Schwarz 25.IX.20.
H.B. No 474/1920

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