Auzoux anatomical model horse foot

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An Azoux anatomical model depicting the horse foot and leg. The paper mache model is painted with egg-tempura and finished with Russian fishlaquer. The model is signed: ‘151 – anatomy clastique – dr auzoux – 1949’.

Dr. Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux was a French doctor who used papier-mache for making his anatomical models. Auxoux started the production of paper-mache models in times of scarsability of corpses to practise dissections. He began producing the anatomical models in 1827 in his workshop in his home town Saint Aubin D’Ecrosvill. He developed mal techniques that enabled him mass-produce the anatomical models. His models are considered one of the best in the field due to their scientifically correctnes, their bright colors and their   The factor existed for more than 1,5 century.

Height 31 cm and consists of eight different parts.

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