Inductive Repulsion apparatus after Elihu Thomson, C 1890

On application

Inductive Repulsion apparatus after Elihu Thomson with a brass protective cover for the composite metal core and two brass rings.. Found in the (English) Max Kohl catalogue and a description could be found: ‘The Elihu Thomson device proves the repelling action of a Magnetic Field, generated by A. C., on good conducting metal masses.

Wood Frame with Ring, the latter suspended on fibres, Fig. G. the magnet core is lifted as far as possible out of the magnetizing coil, the frame and ring slipped over the same and the latter fastened to the carrier. Under the influence of the current the ring is raised up and is held suspended by the fibres.
Owing to eddy currents in the ring this becomes considerably heated in a very short time: this heating also takes place to a corresponding extent in the other experiments.’

An Tesla coil made by Vd. J. Lubat of similar manufacturing was recently mentioned by Mar Rivera Colomer in her article , ‘Instituto San Vicente Ferrer (1933-1990s), Scientific Instrument Collection in a Girls’ Secondary School in Valencia’ in Scientific Instrument Society Bulletin no. 161, June 2024.

Height: 59 cm.

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