Deleuil simple Chemical type microscope

On application

This simple Chemical type microscope was first made by Louis Joseph Deleuil (1795-1862) on a design by the chemist François-Vincent Raspail (1794-1878) who is considered to be the Father of Histochemistry. While Deleuil was the first optician to make one of these simple microscopes, the design became very popular and was copied by several of the other French manufacturers.

The microscope has rack and pinion focussing. It can be used when set tight by a screw in a pocket on the mahogany case. The case has a crack on on the upper side which is has been glued in the past. It is supplied with a full set of four objectives, black painted reflecting mirror, a black painted glass stage insert, a pair of tweezers and a knife for dissecting.

Dimensions: 10 x 18,8 x 5 cm.

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