Caesar’s Mushroom

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Unsigned model of Caesar’s Mushroom (Amanita caesarea). This lifelike mushroom model is made of Painted plaster on a black wooden stand. Probably manufactured by Somso around 1900. On the bottom of the botanical mushroom a description in German with characteristics of the cap, the stem, slats, spurs, odor, taste and common living and growing conditions. The model is still made by Somso.

Caesar’s mushroom, scientifically named Amanita caesarea, is an esteemed edible fungus belonging to the Amanita genus. Originating from southern Europe and North Africa, this mushroom was initially documented by Giovanni Antonio Scopoli in 1772. Notably favored by early rulers of the Roman Empire, despite its culinary appeal, Caesar’s mushroom shares close kinship with the psychoactive fly agaric. Additionally, it bears resemblance to the lethal poisonous death cap and destroying angels.

12,5 x 12,5 x7 cm.

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