cased trepanning instrument/tool.


A weird cased trepanning instrument/tool. It concerns of six trepan instruments and a screwdriver. The screwdriver is to loosen nut from bolt so that the instruments can be used separately. The set consists of a two toothed elevators, a lenticular, a scalpel, perforator and a foliate bore. All the seven instruments are signed with “Massarotti E Bianco”.

The red velvet lined case has a label in the lid with the following address : “Massarotti E Bianco / Fabrica Strumenti di Chirurgia / Via Carlo Alberto 21-23 Torino”.

Dimensions of case 13.5 x 4.5 x 4 cm and I will date the set third quarter 19th C. De company Massarotti E Bianco start in 1853 in Torino.

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