Heighway Chest Gould-type microscope


Chest Gould-type microscope by Heighway, Cambridge

This is Chest Microscope made by R. Heighway, Cambridge at the beginning of the 19th Century. The microscope is a Gould-style brass compound microscope with conical body tube and standard three-lens optics. The rectangular pillar, which mounts on hinge in a corner of its own wood box, has a rack & pinion focus mechanism. There is no fine focus. On the stage, you can put the bull’s eye and forceps. The microscope body screws into a brass arm that press-fits into a rotating bracket at the top of the pillar (this allows the microscope to rotate away from the case). The mirror has one parabolic reflecting sides. As you can see, there are several accessoires as there is 8 slides, ivory container etc.

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