Cystotomy surgery set in mahogany box made by Gallo, Italy


An astonishing cystotomy surgery set. This set is made by Gallo, an Italian instrument maker, made in the second part of the 18th century. This set might be one of the most rare and special sets we have (had) in the shop even though it is incomplete. On the lid of the mahogany wooden box there is a brass plate with inscription: ‘Strumenti di Chirurgia per cistotomia’ with a monogram ‘VOJ’. This box contains some pretty nice pieces such as: several sounders, a hammer, catheters, scalpels, lithorites, six Gorget knifes(three of them have an ebony handle), Hinged Gorget, several Blader Stone forceps and stone scopes. Measurements of the box are 49 x 36 x 15 cm.

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