Development of the Lancelet ( amphioxus) models

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The development of the Lancelet ( amphioxus) by Somso, C 1930. Retailer: T.  Gerrard & Co Ltd,London. Consisting of 24 individual models showing the development of a fertilised lancelet egg to a Lancelet. Two are missing. Each model individually mounted on a stand with base and in one piece. There are different enlargements of the original stadium of the development. The models are 12 cm high and in perfect condition.

The models show the acquatoriale egg cleaving and the formation of the germ layers, bladder and primitive gut, the formation of the germ layers in the larvae of the lancet fish and the further development of the animal in the longitudinal and cross-sectional, view of nine somites and cross-section of the adult animal with muscle segments, location of the gonads, the nervous system, the chorda, the intestine, and blood vessel system.

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