Double Arum maculatum no 203 by Robert Brendel


Double Arum maculatum no 203 by Robert Brendel, C 1880 the label gives the follow text: “Gefleckter Aronsstab, a) blütenstand, umgeben von der Spatha, Verg 4 fach . B) Blütenstand ohbe Spatha, verg 7 fach”  ( spotted Aronsstab, a) inflorescence, surrounded by the spathe, past 4 x. B) inflorescence without Spatha, vadivelu 7 fold.) The retailer was Merkelbach & Co in Amsterdam. 79 cm high.

Robert Brendel (1821-1898) started in the middle of the 19th century a factory for botanical flower shaped in Breslau, now Wroclaw in poland.


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