Globicephala Melaena female fetus, 1809


A fluid specimen with a female fetus of the Globicephala Melaena, 1809. The whale fetus comes from the taxidermist Van Lith de Jeude in 1809. This preparation has ceded to the preperateur who sailed on the Dutch whaler, the Willem Barendsz. The Willem barendsz was the first Dutch whale factoryship that between 1946 and 1955 were used as mother-and factory ship for whaling expeditions in the waters around antarctica for the Dutch Central Association for whaling. The label mentions the following text; -Globicephala Melaena Craill 1809-female-fetus-Ex Coll. Of Lith de Jeude 1866. Dimensions: 16 x 21 cm and 61 cm high.

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