Müller Söhne artficial children’s eyes

On application

Sixty artificial children’s eyes in two boxes by F. AD. Müller Söhne, made after 1909. The company Müller Söhne has been active on the market for artificial ayes since 1860 to the present day. The company  states that it combines art and craft in their glass eyes ever since. The eyes cannot be exactly dated, but on one of the boxes is indicated that Müller Sohne won the ‘Staatseherenpreis’ of 1909, the ‘Grand Prix Brussel of 1910’ and the ‘St Louis Goldene medaille’ of 1904, therefore we date these eyes after 1910.

The glass eyes have different colours and proportions in order to fit in colour and seize. The website of Müller Söhne states that a high-quality eye prosthesis should be perfectly adapted to the healthy eye in terms of the color of the iris and sclera (white of the eye).

A common reason for wearing a prosthesis is a tumor or serious eye disease that requires removal of the eye. Only a few years ago, it was mainly work-related accidents, such as injuries caused by metal chips or chemical burns caused by quicklime, for example, that led to the loss of a valuable sense organ. The loss of an eye not only limits the field of vision, but also often leads to problems in the social environment.

The boxes and artificial eyes are in good condition: on the outside are no severe damages. The velours on the inside is in excellent condition and the logo’s ‘F. AD. Müller Söhne Wiesbaden / Rhein  Taunusstrasse 44’ are perfectly readable.

Measurements: 18x28x3,5 cm.


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