Pajot jointed forceps by mathieu c1860

On application

Pajot jointed forceps bare resemblance to charriere?S but have at one end of the handle a blunt hook, that when removed, reveals a sharp perforator while the opposite end terminates in a rounded ball that serves as a blunt hook or can be removed to reveal a sharp crochet.
Length 45 cm and signed by mathieu a paris.
Professor pajot (1816-1896) was born in paris, studied medicine in the paris faculty and graduated in 1842. He was appointed professor of obstetrics in 1862, after having been a lecturer to midwives at the clinique for ten years and having assisted professors moreau and paul dubois. As a practical obstetrician he was almost unrivalled in france and was made a honorary fellow of the obstetrical society of london.

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